Monday, December 30, 2013

First Pulp Alley Game Preparation

While I am waiting for my figure bases to arrive from Litko, I realized that I could actually play a game with some of the "Old West" figures that I have based up.  These aren't really right for the period I have in mind but they should work okay for a "training game".

First up we have the "Black Hat Gang".  They are led by Bart and his sidekick, Sean. Hoss, Angus and Duffy are allies and Kurt is a follower.

Bart's abilities are Lucky Devil, Dashing and Eagle-Eyed; while Sean has Indomitable and Dare-devil.

As for the Allies, each of these three League has one each with Fierce, Marksman and Sharp.  And each League's lone Follower is a Marksman.

Meanwhile the White Hat Gang is led by Mike and his sidekick Clem.

Luis, Roy and Frank are all allies of the gang; and Pat with his sawed-off shotgun is a follower.

Mike's abilities are Untouchable, Hardened Veteran and Sharp; while Clem is both Deductive and Crafty.

Finally the Brown Hat Gang is led by Tex, who has the Iron Will, Brute and Fierce abilities.  His sidekick Whit is both a Quick-Shot and Marksman.

Nick, Zeke and Ed are allies of the Brown Hat Gang; while Jim is only a follower.

Yes, I know these Leagues and Characters are far from being optimal . . . but they should work well for a "training game" by giving us a look at a fairly wide variety of Abilities.

-- Jeff

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