Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some "Found Figures" & Painting Progress

It turns out that I do already have a couple of good sources for creating my "Pulp Alley" Leagues.  I am speaking of some of my historical figures.  For example, I have quite a few "Colonial" Pathan tribesmen painted up . . . in eight different colors . . . (remember to click to see a larger image . . . or open in another window for a much larger image):

Blue Pathans         

Surely I can make Leagues out of these fellows.  After all the Afghan hill tribes have hardly changed their appearance in several centuries.  They look much today as they did in the nineteenth century and the 1930s.  Besides the Blue Pathans above, I have seven others such as the Yellow Pathans below:

Yellow Pathans

A further "found" source of potential Leagues can be found with my "Old West" figures.  Those pictured below are fewer than half of those I have . . . all painted and named . . . and perfect for use in Western adventures:

Old West Figures . . . Lots of potential Leagues here

But enough of the "found figures" potential Leagues.  Here are some of photos of "Pulp Era" Leagues that I've just finished painting.  Of course they aren't based yet (and some metal still shows where white glue covered in on the painting sticks) . . . but you should be able to see some potential:

Winchester, Smith & Weston

The Dark Fire
as yet unnamed
The CCC . . . (Capo Condottieri's Casa)

Finally of course, I'm still not done.  Here are a couple more Leagues on painting sticks.  They are not finished yet but you can see that I have been working on them:

in the queue

-- Jeff

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  1. Nice! I've been meaning to do something similar with Darkest Africa figures and my slender pulp collection...