Friday, January 3, 2014

Grizzlyville -- a Preliminary Look (maybe)

Here is my first attempt at terrain for my initial 3-person "Pulp Alley" game. 

I say "first attempt" because I'm going to be floating this terrain by some more experienced players to find out if it is too crowded or not.

Of course I don't know where people are going to place the four minor plot points; but the Main Plot Point is, of course, the lady about to be hanged in the middle Grizzlyville:

The main plot point . . . the lady in red awaiting the noose
 As you can see the middle of the board is pretty open . . . but much of the rest of it is relatively cluttered.  All hills (including Gallows Hill) are perilous areas; so are the enclosed corrals; and not only are the wooded areas perilous, but so is the land within an inch of them.

I'm using a 4' x 4' playing surface and players will be allowed to deploy their troops anywhere within 12' of the corner they choose . . . which will force them to choose from a number of different paths for relative safety . . . or to chance a more direct route by choosing to pass through perilous ground.

The following images will work your way around the table (starting from the SE side looking North -- all the way around to the SE side looking West).  As usual clicking on a photo will give a larger image . . . but opening them in a separate window will allow for a much larger image.

South East quadrant looking North

South West quadrant looking North
South West quadrant looking East
North West quadrant looking East
North West quadrant looking South
North East quadrant looking South

North East quadrant looking West
South East quadrant looking West

Again, I don't know where the minor plot points will be placed but I've tried to allow a number of channels from each corner that will bring the Leagues into contact with each other.

Anyway, I await the counsel of the more experienced . . . and we will see how Grizzlyville might evolve.

-- Jeff


  1. Interested in hearing how this works out. I picked up the rules based on one of your posts (yeah, it's *your* fault) and am looking forward to playing with them. Potential thoughts - Wild West, Sharpe, The Mummy, Nazi paranormal vs the Resistance, Gangster, Fantasy warbands.

  2. Looks great! Looking forward to the write up! Hope the players enjoy it. And I think Westerns, by the way, definitely fit in the Pulp genre...

  3. Great set up looking forward to seeing the game...

  4. Nice set-up, I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the game.

  5. The tabletop appearance is wonderful!

    Having experienced playing numerous "Legends of the Old West" I say you have adequate cover against flying lead to allow for melee activity too. Having no experience with "Pulp Alley" I say it's always better to err on the side of too much cover than not enough.

  6. I wish to thank everyone who commented here or in other forums. Unfortunately we didn't get to play this past weekend due to my primary opponent not getting back from his business trip in time . . . but hopefully we will this coming weekend.

    -- Jeff