Friday, December 6, 2013

Starting on Pulp Street

Because my English Civil War and War of Spanish Succession projects both need many hundreds of figures painted before they are "table ready" and I'd like to play something soon, I'm going to travel down "Pulp Street".

Or perhaps I should say that I'm headed down "Pulp Alley". 

After reading many glowing things about these rules, I downloaded the .pdf from Wargame Vault for about $10.  And I'm very impressed; they look like a lot of fun.

One nice thing is that there won't be many hundreds of figures to paint.  The typical gang (what they call a "League") is around a half-dozen figures . . . so it won't be too hard to build a few.

Being in British Columbia, Canada, I naturally ordered some 28mm miniatures from Bob Murch's "Pulp Figures" . . . but there are several other wonderful suppliers serving the pulp genre.

Now to get out the paint brush, eh?

-- Jeff


  1. Hey Jeff, where in BC are you based? I do a fair bit of pulp gaming, all of it recently with Pulp Alley. I'm over in Victoria but get to Vancouver a couple of times a year for gaming. I run The Warbard, which you've already linked to, I see - found your blog looking through the web traffic records for the Warbard! -- Brian

  2. Brian,

    I am also on Vancouver Island . . . up the coast in Courtenay. You should have my email because we connected a little while back.

    As an update, I now have paint on about 24 figures. Nothing is finished yet, but they are getting close to it.

    -- Jeff

  3. Awesome, didn't connect the blog to the email a few weeks ago! Have fun, hope to meet up with you for a game one of these days! -- Brian