Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Scottish League

Well I've been painting like a madman.  Here is a photo of my most recent League . . . in Scottish tartan no less:

As usual, if you click on the photo you will get a larger image . . . and if you open it in a separate window, you will get a much larger image.

And once again I've given you both a front and rear view of the figures . . . which do still need to be based up . . . as I'm waiting for some Litko bases.

Of course theses figures are all more of Bob Murch's "Pulp Figures".  And speaking of Mr. Murch, I got an email from him today saying he has posted the latest batch of figures which I ordered over the past weekend.  Once again very fast service.

-- Jeff


  1. Very nice. Tartan's always hard to pull off painting in this scale, and you've got the trick of it.