Monday, December 9, 2013

Initial Painting Progress

I have got major paint on over 30 pulp figures.  As with many I ordered about a dozen packs of Bob Murch's "Pulp Figures" and then sorted them into "groups" that may become Leagues.

I used some inexpensive "craft sticks" (jumbo size) to hold the figures as I painted them.

You can often find (as I did) packages such as the one pictured to the left (albeit with a few removed).  For about a buck and a half at a "dollar store" you get 30 colored sticks (5 each in 6 colors) plus 30 in natural wood.

These are great for keeping potential Leagues straight . . . as you will see in the following photos . . . because once primed (I use black with a white dry brush) it isn't always easy to remember which figures go with which other figures.

Please be aware that I've not finished any of the following figures.  Notably their weapons, hair and some shoes have not yet acquired paint . . . and there are still plenty of details to finish on the figures as well . . . but you can begin to see what they will look like.  And remember to click on photos to see a much larger image.

First up is what I plan for my first League.  It is comprised of three couples.

The ladies are all sisters . . . the Weston girls (daughters of Police Commissioner Weston of "The Shadow" fame.

Two of the girls are married (to fellows with the last names of Winchester and Smith); the third is merely engaged . . . so their adventuring League will be called "Winchester, Smith & Weston".

Another group of adventurers is pictured at left.

While somewhat similar, they do have a slightly different palette of colors to their garments.  They will be available for guest play (or a source of extra characters for my main League.

"The Dark Fire" will be a continuing set of bad guys.

Their Mastermind will be a Moriarty-type . . . so the exact nature of their troop mixture may well vary from encounter to encounter.

However you can rest assured that they will never be nice.

Remember in "The Maltese Falcon" when Sam Spade refers to a character as a "gunsel"?

Well here we've got a double handful of gangland types . . . always willing to make trouble for the sake of a quick profit.

And finally a glimpse of some of the figures which have not yet acquired any clothes (i.e., paint).

More "Archeologist" types, a band of mercenaries with hefty weapons and a band of Scottish highlanders complete with bagpiper.

As you can see, I've got what I think is a pretty good start with my painting . . . and I hope that you can see how handy the colored craft sticks are in keeping things organized while painting.

-- Jeff

P.S.,  Yes, I still do have some figures left over that need to await my next order of pulp figures.

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