Saturday, January 11, 2014

1st Game -- Good News / Bad News

Well my friend David and I played our first game of Pulp Alley this Friday afternoon.  And, as they say, there is "good news" and "bad news".

We certainly enjoyed the game . . . but (bad news) when I tried to take a photo, my digital camera wouldn't work (and changing the batteries didn't help) . . . indeed I think that it needs replacing . . . *sigh*.

The game's only photo was one David took of me using my scratch-built "microphone" to "broadcast" the action.

However you can see what our playing board looked like by checking out this earlier post.

The mic was my attempt at an object to keep track of who had the Initiative (because it can change hands so quickly in Pulp Alley) . . . and it worked splendidly.

It was simple to build.  It consists of a candlestick, an old-fasioned clothespin, a bunch of cardboard stuck into and around the clothespin, masking tape and a bit of paint.

Note that I do want to get a different candlestick for it . . . one with straight sides . . . then I'll finish painting the whole thing a charcoal color.

As for the game, it was somewhat hampered by our both rolling only a 12" visibility so there wasn't much shooting.

I "won" with 4 victory points to David's three . . . even though I lost 4 of my 6 characters; while he only lost his one Follower, keeping his other 5 characters alive.

However, in the post-game discussion, David came up with an idea about the microphone.  Since we were using it to "broadcast" the action describing what was happening, he suggested that (particularly in multi-player games) the best storyteller get a prize.  Perhaps their choice of one of Tips, Contacts, Gear or Backup.

Anyway, with the camera excepted, we had an enjoyable afternoon.

-- Jeff

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