Monday, January 6, 2014

Another Old West League Added

Just in case I might need a fourth League for a Pulp Alley training game, I've added another cleverly-named League, the Grey Hats . . . to go along with the equally cleverly named Black Hats, White Hats and Brown Hats featured previously.

The Grey Hat Gang is lead by Ira and his sidekick, Gus.

Ira's abilities are Hardboiled, Intimidating and Fierce; while Gus is known to be both a Daredevil and Specialist.

As usual, the three allies (Vince, Quinn and Owen) have a range of abilities (one each of Sharp, Fierce and Marksman); while Xavier, a follower, is also a Marksman.

So now I have four "training game" leagues all set to venture into Grizzlyville in our first attempt at playing Pulp Alley . . . and yes, I do know that none of these leagues is really very well designed . . . indeed they are designed more to introduce us to a variety of different character Abilities and the game system.

-- Jeff

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