Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mayhem comming to Western Town

Well we are planning on playing some "Pulp Alley" on this coming Sunday evening.

The setting is a small western town . . . and a bunch of people are about to descend upon it.  Why not only will there be 'cowboys' but also 'Chinese'. 'Mobsters' and 'Cultists' . . . chances are that it will not be a quiet time.

Overview from South

Overview from North

Overview from West

We will be playing a variation of "The Lost Keys" scenario.  Both corrals are "Extremely Perilous and all cactus plants are Perils if you get withing 1". 

All buildings block line-of-sight.  All Cactus (penny bases) provide 'cover'; and block line-of-sight if they are not super-short (even these provide cover is the character is crawling.

Primary purpose of this post is to give players a bit of a look at the table.

-- Jeff

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