Saturday, June 13, 2015

Raw Characters for Leagues

Following will be photos of some raw figures suitable for "Pulp Alley" Leagues.

People here in the Comox Valley who wish to do so may select a group of figures and create a League using some or all of the figures in the photo.  OR they may select a group of figures and use the simple (rather generic ) League that I have for them.  Please note that most groups have more figures than you will want in your League; this gives you a choice of figures.

For locals, please contact me to tell me which group of figures you would like to work with (first come, first choice).  Also note that the "names" are just useful to identify figure groups . . . you may select your own League name.

Archeology, Inc.
Blue Menace
Clan McGunny
Dark Fire

Green Team

Guido's Gang

Tommy's Boys

Yellow Peril

-- Jeff

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