Monday, September 28, 2015

The Whiskyville Raid -- a PULP ALLEY game

We had expected four players for our "Pulp Alley" game last evening . . . but, alas, Rob wasn't feeling well so he had to cancel.

Some early deployments.

I am blaming this for my miserable showing in the game.  The whole concept of my league depended upon lots of other players preying on each other and then my taking plot points from them . . . oh well (it did not work out well for me).

The Leagues for the game:

"The Dark Fire" -- my League for the evening

"The Yellow Peril" . . . Murdock played Rob's League

"GREEDS"  . . .  Alex's League
(Gang for Reducing Everyone's Eventual Dollar Salary)
Due to circumstances it turned out that Murdock played Rob's League since he had been prevented from designing his League . . . darn it, how 'real life' keeps interfering with gaming . . . *sigh*.

As it turned out, a great many characters (and some plot points) started inside some of Whiskyville's buildings:

Gold Star Saloon (top) and the Hardware Store . . . 

. . . both contained figures . . . Feng Yi in the saloon & The Faithful in the Hardware Store

I was particularly unlucky with my Fortune Cards and two of the Plot Points that I captured turned out to be "Red Herrings" and I lost a third plot point on the final turn when the Yellow Peril played a Fortune Card on Brother #2, which he failed to pass.  (Below is a photo that Murdock took of me when I got the second "Red Herring'.)

*sigh* . . . both plot points I captured turned out to be false leads . . . *sigh*

Our minor plot points were all people who were subject to random movement . . . and, at game's end, three were still walking around . . .

Elder Flame failed to win over Lily, while fellow plot points, Iris and George still wandered about.

As usual with "Pulp Alley" we got too caught-up in the action to remember to take many photos . . . but we got some great laughs during the action.

So how did it turn out?  The "Yellow Peril" walked away with both the minor and major plot points in a convincing win while playing Rob's League; while both Alex and I ended up with nada.

If you have not tried "Pulp Alley" yet, you should because it is very very flexible and a heck of a lot of fun.  Also I urge you to read Murdock's account of the game (clicky).

-- Jeff


  1. Excellent! Those buildings look mighty familiar. ;)

    THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley. We are glad y'all are having fun.

    Pulp Alley

  2. Thanks for reminding me. They are "Whitewash City" downloadable paper buildings at quite reasonable prices:

    They come both in color (as per buildings) AND in black-and-white (like I printed up for the floor plans).

    -- Jeff

  3. How uncooperative: people leaving you to do all the work of winning for yourself ;)

  4. Here's another view of the night's events: