Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baja Campground -- Pulp Alley Scenario

We had our first four-player game of Pulp Alley this past Sunday.  Our Leagues were:

The GREEDS -- gangsters with "Company of Heroes" perk -- Alex's League

"The Yellow Peril" -- also with "Company of Heroes" perk -- Rob's League

The "Greene Team" -- with "Eagle-Eyed Trooper" perk -- my League

"The Cowboys" -- based on Arizona's historic outlaw gang -- Murdock's league

 ALERT --  Please note that Murdock was using my figures (which have different names on the figure bases) so kindly think of them by the names indicated in the above photo (and not those on the figure bases).

Early action between "The Cowboys" and "The Yellow Peril"

Sadly (as usual) I got too caught up in the action to remember to take photos.   One thing I note for these photos.  Blue disks mean that a figure has activated; amber indicated a combat action; and red, decreased health.
In addition my memory is fairly hazy.  I do know that the major "action" was between The Yellow Peril and The Cowboys; with a lesser degree of combat between the GREEDS and the Greene Team; then a bunch of conflict between GREEDS and The Cowboys.

Alex's "GREEDS" started in the village and tangled with my "Greene Team".

 "The Cowboys" jumped out to an early lead, capturing both an early minor plot point and Lady Elaine (the main plot point, this scenario being loosely based on the first "Perilous Island" campaign).  Sadly for Murdock, his leader, Curly Bill, was finally knocked down during the final turn and lost both plot points (and no one else could get them).

Rather viciously a number of us (yeah, I did this as well) placed our "fire icons" right on top of opposing characters (see below):

Gouts of purple/green flames erupted . . . often sending many on their way to medical aid.

By game's end, both Rob's and Murdock's Leagues were gone and I had only two of my six left on the table.  Alex had also lost most of his League as well . . . but the GREEDS did end up with one minor plot point and my "Greene Team" with a pair of them.

ALERT --  Murdock has now posted his account of the game here (clicky)

-- Jeff

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